SSD Cache – What Is It And Is It Worth It?

Today, we will take a look at another commonly confused computing term that promises to provide improved performance with a nifty use of a small-sized SSD as a cache. A flash in the pan or a worthwhile investment? We dived into the topic to shed light on everything there is to know about SSD caching.

What Is SSD Cache?

SSD cache, or as it’s correctly termed, SSD caching, is a data management system developed by Intel in the early 2010s that uses a small solid-state drive as a cache for a generally larger hard disc drive.

A cache is hardware or software memory designed to store regularly used data for easy, fast access. In the case of CPUs, the cache consists of flash memory that is faster to access than standard system RAM, while browser caches store components from frequently visited sites so that they load quicker, eliminating the need to retrieve data across the internet from the hosting server.

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