Stock CPU Cooler vs Aftermarket – Is Your Stock Cooler Good Enough?

It sure is convenient when your CPU ships with a cooler included in the box, but is what comes in the box well enough?

After all, a CPU cooler needs to have two things to be considered “good”: cooling efficiency and low noise generation. Technically, any cooler is good enough if all you want is for your CPU to work correctly without melting down. Yet, if we’re talking about overclocking, you’ll probably find many stock coolers disappointing.

Intel and AMD ship different coolers with different CPUs. Intel’s low-profile cooler and AMD’s Wraith Stealth that ship with the cheaper and less-demanding CPUs and APUs both feature relatively small heatsinks so that they can get loud under heavy load and the temperatures can quickly go over 70 degrees Celsius even with stock clock speeds.

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